Incense blends from 1000 years ago that unravel the history.

Incense ingredients that drifted ashore in ancient Japan are sublimated as SCENT of JAPAN, and now travel to the world.

This is a re-discovery of "SCENT of JAPAN" that transcends 1000 years and connects the past and the present through tradition.

The Beginning

Awaji Island in 595. A piece of driftwood as large as a bag of rice washed ashore. When the islanders lit the tree on fire, a wonderful fragrance wafted out and spread throughout the area. This was Agarwood — The beginning of the Scent of Japan. (Nihon Shoki, vol. 22)

Six in Sense | ROKKON

Six in Sense is translated as ‘Six Roots’ in Japanese, deriving from a Buddhist term that refers to the five senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, plus a sixth: consciousness.

And to maintain these six "powers" which most of us are lucky enough to naturally possess - this process of purifying both the mind and body ​is called ‘the Six Roots Cleansing.’

100% Natural

All of the ingredients have arrived to us from all over the world, and were then mixed and blended in Japan 1000 years ago.

Among these rare ingredients, agarwood, the most precious ingredient in the world of incense, is used abundantly. Listen to the scent with appreciation for natural materials.


Inspired by blends recorded 1000 years ago, these handmade incense are made with premium grade ingredients imported from all over the world, together with trusted suppliers and an incense master based on Awaji Island, which produces about 70% of all incense in Japan.


The travel-sized package is easy to use and designed with sustainability in mind. We offer containers made in a recyclable steel can, a reusable lid as an incense stand, and a refillable pack also available. Hand-packed in Tokyo.

Six in Sense” proposes a new home fragrance with incense inspired by 1000 year ago.

Brand Promise

"Bridge and Blend" promises to connect diverse cultures, creating new value, "A Scent World that creates A Better Society," by offering "Scent Touch Point" to enrich sensibility and creativity.

be 1% better!

We are delighted to announce that every time you purchase Bridge and Blend product you’re helping to create a healthier planet!

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