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Article: The Incense Day (Japan)


The Incense Day (Japan)

April 18th is Incense Day.

The oldest record of incense blends in Japan is found in the 
NIHON SHOKI (Chronicles of Japan), which states that "agarwood drifted to Awaji Island in April of the year 595.

Incense Day was established in 1992 by the National Council of Incense Associations in Japan. The Japanese character for incense, ‘香’ has the letter 18 hidden as 一十八日. Thus April 18th is Incense Day.



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香原料 — 沈香

Ingredient — Agarwood

It is one of the raw materials for incense, and is read as "JINKOU". When an evergreen tree of the genus Aquilaria or Goriscyllus in the family Chenopodiaceae, which grows from India to Southeast ...

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