Ingredient — Clove

It is one of the raw materials for incense, and is read as "CHOUJI".

One of the raw materials for incense, it is read as "kakko" and its English name is "patchouli patchouli" which is also used in essential oil.

It is made by drying the stems and leaves of a perennial plant of the Perillaceae family. It has a less bitter taste than the essential oil patchouli, and its fragrance is not peculiar. It is also used as a raw material for incense to bring out other fragrances. It has a bactericidal effect and is used in Chinese medicine for stomach and cold remedies.

It is often used in perfumes as an exotic oriental fragrance, and the scent of ink rubbed on an inkstone is reminiscent of a "Japanese fragrance.

Attributes: Leaf and stem
Place of origin: Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Africa 

Characteristics: Fresh and sweet