Ingredient — Spikenard

It is one of the raw materials for incense, and is read as "KANSHOU".

It is the dried roots and stems of a perennial alpine plant of the Phellodendron family that grows only in the mountains of the Himalayas and China.

There is an account in the New Testament where Mary is said to have bought the expensive and precious essential oil for Jesus Christ, who had a premonition of death, and anointed his feet with it before the Last Supper.

Its English name is "spikenard. That is the miraculous essential oil.

It is not aromatic on its own, but when combined with other fragrant ingredients, it adds depth to the fragrance, so it is often used in perfumery preparations.

Attributes: Rhizome
Place of Origin: China, India
Characteristics: Blends well with agarwood, bringing out a rich sweetness.