Ten Virtue of incense

The "Ten Virtue of Incense" is a poem that expresses the benefits of incense in a straightforward and elegant manner by Huang Tingjian who is poet in the 11th century in China. It is said that it was later popularized by Ikkyu Sojun in Japan.

1. 感格鬼神
Incense burning sharpens the senses and opens the mind to divinity.

2. 清淨心身 
Incense burning cleans the mind.

3. 能除汚穢 
Incense burning divests the mind of worldly impurities.

4. 能覺睡眠 
Incense burning wakes up the mind.

5. 静中成友 
Incense burning brings a sense of peace and tranquility.

6. 塵裏偸閑
Incense burning soothes the mind when it is busy.

7. 多而不厭 
One cannot burn too much incense.

8. 寡而為足 
A little incense is enough.

9. 久蔵不朽
Time has nothing to do with the efficacy of incense.

10. 常用無障 
Habitual use of incense causes no harm. 

Photo courtesy: Baikundo