History unfolds.

Now you can experience 1000-year-old blends.  

Incense materials drifted to Japan in ancient times, sublimated as Japanese scent, and now departs to the world. 

Transcend time and space through the scent to 1000 years ago in Japan.


The brand “Bridge and Blend” was born under the philosophy "A Scent World, that creates A Better Society". The founder of the operating company Project Felicia envisions a better world by connecting diverse cultures through scent and creating new value "innovation".

Bridge and Blend’s first branded product is a collection of Incense Inspired by 1000-Year-Old Japanese Blends "Six in Sense". This project is to aim at reviving 1000-year-old blends of incense that is probably the oldest recipe in history. Launched as a fully-funded KICKSTARTER project.


It is truly a re-discovery of the SCENT of JAPAN - bridging tradition and modern by blending 1000 years’ gap -

In 2018 when the founder Hiro returned to Japan after living overseas for 15+ years, a question “what is Japanese scent?” troubled her. A journey in search of the SCENT of JAPAN has begun!

This project idea came when she was re-reading the Tale of Genji, and discovered it is probably the oldest scent formulation in the record. At the time, Hiro couldn’t help but wonder what it smelled like 1000 years ago.


Imagine if you have a time machine… Let's take a “sniff” of Japan 1000 years ago!