Bridge and Blend Begins Distribution in New York at MUSE Experience to Promote Incense Inspired by 1000-Year-Old Japanese Blends.

Bridge and Blend announced it has begun distribution at MUSE Experience.

To better cater to our customers, we had been seeking a retail opportunity in addition to our online boutique. “We are honored to be a part of the MUSE family”, said Hiro the brand owner.

The brand was softly launched at the MUSE Experience booth during the Small Business Summit presented by Mastercard on October 16 and 17, and now the entire collection of Incense Inspired by 1000-Year-Old Japanese Blends is in full gear. 

MUSE Experience is a highly recognized Perfume Shop in historic Central Harlem in New York with a consultation-based unique shopping experience.
Appointment only at MUSE Experience.
About Project Felicia
Project Felicia was founded as a platform for scent projects in 2013, focusing on our “sense of smell”, which we usually use subconsciously, and fosters rich sensibility and creativity. In April 2021, Project Felicia will launch its first branded product  - “Premium Incense Inspired by Blending 1000-year-old” under the brand “Bridge and Blend”. 

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Photo courtesy: MUSE Experiences