Tokyo-based brand Bridge and Blend and New York-based Scents of Plates Collaborate on Multisensory Experience Kit No. 4 “Through Smoke”.

Bridge and Blend announced its collaboration with New York-based Scents of Plates to present Multisensory Experience Kit no. 4 “Through Smoke”. 

Multisensory Experience Kit is the DYI style of a series of dinners and events celebrating the senses and the art of perfumery that Scents of Plates has been offering. Each dinner will feature menus with dishes that are based on the stories and scents of specific fragrances.

The theme of Kit No. 4 is “Through Smoke”. The modern day word perfume is actually etymologically derived from the Latin "per fumum"; through smoke. Smoke has weaved its way through our imagination and aspiration since we discovered fire. The incense is an accompaniment to the experience which is all about the history of smoke and fragrance throughout history.

With this Kit No. 4 “Through Smoke”, Chef Tessa Liebman gets inspiration from incense KIKKA from Bridge and Blend to create an Autumnal taste.  Set aside a day or night to go on a journey through smoke and feel free to bring someone along with you as a cozy night in or a special alternative Halloween *treat* complete with candy!

To fully enjoy the kit, the brands offer Scent + Taste + Sound, and consumers bring Sight + Touch to the table. 

Available at US $60 for pick up in New York City throughout November. 
To participate, contact Scents of Plates through the form.
About Project Felicia
Project Felicia was founded as a platform for scent projects in 2013, focusing on our “sense of smell”, which we usually use subconsciously, and fosters rich sensibility and creativity. In April 2021, Project Felicia will launch its first branded product  - “Premium Incense Inspired by Blending 1000-year-old” under the brand “Bridge and Blend”. 

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Photo courtesy: Scents of Plates