Tokyo-based brand Bridge and Blend launched “Premium Incense Inspired by Blending 1000 year-old” on Kickstarter.

Tokyo/New York - April 18, 2021 - Project Felicia, the operating company of the brand Bridge and Blend announced the global launch of their Kickstarter campaign to revive 1000-year-old blends of incense.

With the pre-launch on Kickstarter 2 weeks ago, witness the demand supporters have already expressed their anticipation.

“We are delighted to announce to launch the timeless scent that can transcend time and space to 1000 years ago in Japan, on this Incense Day*,” said Hiro Nakayama, creator of this project and founder of Project Felicia.

The demand for aroma at home such as scented-candle as a nesting trend has increased for the past one year due to COVID-19 which restricted travel and allows us to travel and to spend more time at home comfortably. And incense has been attracting attention worldwide according to the New York Times article in 2020.

Based on the 1000-year-old recipes and hand-made by an incense master in Awaji Island, where approximately 70% of incense in Japan is produced, with premium grade 100% natural ingredients imported from around the world. This product transcends time and space through the scent to 1000 years ago in Japan, and comes in sustainably conscious “re-usable | re-cyclable | re-fillable” packaging. And 1% of the sales goes to the 1% for the Planet to protect the natural environment.

“Historically, incense has been closely connected to religion and prayer all over the world, and I hope that the status of incense as a home fragrance will be established in today's society,” added Nakayama.

The Kickstarter campaign for this project ends on May 17.

*Incense Day was established in 1992 by the National Council of Incense Associations in Japan. The Japanese character for incense, ‘香’ has the letter 18 hidden as 一十八日, and  there is a record that agarwood drifted to Awaji Island in April of the year 595 in the NIHON SHOKI (the Chronicles of Japan). 

About Project Felicia
Project Felicia was founded as a platform for scent projects in 2013, focusing on our “sense of smell”, which we usually use subconsciously, and fosters rich sensibility and creativity. In April 2021, Project Felicia will launch its first branded product  - “Premium Incense Inspired by Blending 1000-year-old” under the brand “Bridge and Blend”. For further information: | | Follow us @bridgeandblend on Facebook and Instagram


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