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Welcoming 2024 with

Celebratory Incense

From the "Six in Sense" collection, which offers six different scents that represent the Heian period, two limited-edition packages of incense to welcome the "new year" and "season".

Since ancient times, the color scheme of "red and white" has been widely used for celebratory occasions in Japan. The combination of the two colors "red" and "white" represents a lifetime, and is popular on festive occasions, as a celebratory gift, and as a lucky charm.

Celebratory Incense for Turning Point

KUROBO | Moment

Six in Sense—KUROBO, incense inspired by a 1000-year-old blend that gives you a deep, nostalgic and calm feeling. It is considered to be a scent used to invoke a turning point "HARE (celebration)" and it may be classified as a winter scent.

[Limited quantity] Celebratory Incense 2024 | KUROBO

Celebratory Incense for Spring

BAIKA | Japanese Plum

Six in Sense—BAIKA, incense inspired by a 1000-year-old blend, that allows you to discover spring impressed by plum blossoms.

[Limited quantity] Celebratory Incense 2024 | BAIKA

Recommended as a New Year's gift and Chinese New Year celebrations, as well as for those celebrating important milestones in their lives, or as a gift for yourself!