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The World of the Tales of Genji

History unfolds with 1000-year-old blends

Incense materials drifted to Japan in ancient times, sublimated as SCENT of JAPAN, now departs to the world.

Transcend time and space through the scent to 1000 years ago in Japan.

It is truly a re-discovery of the SCENT of JAPAN - bridging tradition and modern by blending 1000 years’ gap -

Awaji Island in 595. A piece of driftwood as large as a bag of rice washed ashore.

When the islanders lit the wood on fire, a wonderful fragrance wafted out and spread throughout the area. This was Agarwood and the beginning of the SCENT of JAPAN (Nihon Shoki, vol. 22)

Six in Sense

Translated as ‘Six Roots’ in Japanese, deriving from a Buddhist term that refers to the five senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, plus a sixth: consciousness.

And to maintain these six "powers" which most of us are lucky enough to naturally possess - this process of purifying both the mind and body ​is called ‘the Six Roots Cleansing.’

Made of 100% natural ingredients 100% 天然香原料


All of our incense materials arrive from all over the world and are blended in Japan, just as they were a thousand years ago.

Among them, we use abundantly of agarwood, which is considered the most precious and rare in the world of incense.

Listen to the scent with gratitude to nature.


Six in Sense is handmade by incense master based in Awaji Island where approximately 70% of incense in Japan is produced, using premium grade incense ingredients imported from all over the world, together with trusted suppliers

Our incense is inspired by a 1000-year-old blend.


The sustainable conscious packaging is designed easy-to-use travel size.

The re-usable lid is used as incense vessel in the recyclable steel can. The refill packs also available.

Hand-packed in Tokyo.

Six in Sense" proposes a new room fragrance inspired by a 1000-year-old blend.